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About Promoter

This company is promoted by Mr. Manohar Rao Shinde. Manohar Rao is a chemical engineer having worked in fertilizer plant operation for 20 years and in training and development in Oil and Gas for 15 years. His passion is Health and Safety, Communication and Leadership Skill Development, Training and Development, Life Management etc. He is follower of US Motivational Speaker Bob Proctor and his interests on mind management has led to the creation of Alpha Training and Marketing Consultancy.

He has developed course on Life Management Principles and Business Management Principles and coaches’ customers in different sectors. The coach practices and trained many individuals and organizations.

Welcome to Alpha TMCS

Alpha TMCS provides goal oriented online remote instructor-led courses on Life Management Principles  (LMP) and Business Management Principles (BMP).

Alpha TMCS  has developed  these courses  and we are currently piloting the courses globally through whatsApp, imo, zoom sessions.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader in Training and Marketing Services to create happiness & good health of the customers and to support them to achieve their personal & professional goals.

Our Mission

To serve society & customers, to improve the quality of life and to help customers to achieve maximum potential in their life by imparting high quality training and providing marketing services.


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