Family Groups Training

The group training for family groups section covers:

  • Training programs
  • Course Fees

Training Programs

  • Life Management Principles (LMP1 to 3, HS1, LMC1, PPR), hourly basis
  • Life Management Club for Individuals and Families, hourly basis

Life Management Principles (LMP) courses offered are:

  1. Changing your Habits & Thinking and Goal Achievement Process, LMP1, (16 hrs)
  2. Job Strategy Coaching/Drive your Goal Coaching LMC1 (24 hrs)
  3. Basic Health and Safety Course for beginners, HS1 (24 hrs)
  4. Understand Yourself, Responsibilities, and Learning Environment LMP2 (16 hrs)
  5. Understanding Great Leadership, Human Life Cycle, Human Needs LMP3 (16 hrs)
  6. Practice Positive Responses, PPR (8 hrs)

Life Management Principles (LMP) Course Topics for Family Group Training

Course Name
Duration Hrs.
1 hrs
16 hrs.
24 hrs.
24 hrs.
16 hrs.
16 hrs.
8 hrs

  • Do you understand yourself?
  • Your Inner Potential
  • How to achieve your Goals?
  • The Roots of your Life
  • How to change your habits?


  • The Roots of your Life
  • How can You Change your Habits?
  • Mind-Body Relationship
  • Mind Process
  • Life-Time Commitment
  • Steps to Achieve your Personal Goal
  • Create my Life Coach Workbook
  • Create my Goal Commitment Statement
  • Practice Mind Exercises

  • Changing your Habits & Thinking,
  • Goal Achievement Process, LMP1, (16 hours)
  • Focus on Skill Development (4 hours)

  • Human Body System
  • Safety Management Systems & Hazards
  • First Aid
  • Electricity Hazards
  • Driving Hazards
  • Noise Hazards
  • Vibration Hazards
  • Radiation Hazards
  • Stress Hazards
  • Hazards at Home

  • Understand Yourself and Others
  • Identify your Unique talent
  • Identify the skills needed in your life
  • Understand your responsibilities
  • Promote a family learning environment

  • How to become a great leader?
  • Understand the human life cycle
  • Understand the human needs
  • What is the purpose of your life?

  • Analyze every dialogue in selected movie
  • Discuss every situation in the movie
  • Identify the positive response and negative response
  • Options to change the negative response to positive response

Life Management Club

The objective of Life Management Club is to provide an opportunity to learn and improve quality of life and lead a healthy, happy, peaceful and disease-free life for individuals and families.

Course Fees and Payment

The course fee for LMP course for Group Training to Families is given.

NOTE: Please refer to the course fees and structure by clicking the link below and pay for the desired course accordingly.

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