Corporate Group Training

The Corporate group training for industries and business organization covers:

  • Training programs
  • Course Fees

Training Programs

  • Business Management Principles (BMP1 to BMP4, HS1) -limited period, hourly basis
  • Business Management Club for Business Organizations -2 hrs. per session

Business Management Principles (BMP) course

  1. Changing the Company’s Mindset and Goal Achievement Process, BMP1.
  2. Understanding Employees, Skill sets and talent, BMP2.
  3. Understanding your responsibilities at work and at home, BMP3.
  4. Promote a learning environment, BMP4.
  5. Basic Health and Safety Course for beginners, HS1.

Business Management Practices (BMP) Course Topics

Course Name
Duration Hrs.
16 hrs
8 hrs.
8 hrs.
8 hrs.
24 hrs.

  • The roots of your business
  • Key Performance Parameters
  • Mind Process
  • Continual Improvement
  • Employer-Employee Relationship
  • Long-term commitment by all teams
  • Steps to achieve your business Goal
  • Create Business Coach Workbook
  • Create Business Goal Commitment
  • Practice Mind Ex/Practice Behavior Change

  • Understand Yourself and your Employees
  • Identify your Employee’s Unique Talent
  • Identify the Skills needed at work

  • Understand Your Responsibilities
  • Understand Human Life Cycle
  • Understand Human Needs

  • Promote a Learning Environment
  • Employee Development
  • How you can become a Great Leader

Basic Health and Safety Course for beginners

  • Human Body System
  • Safety Management Systems & Hazards
  • First Aid
  • Electricity Hazards
  • Driving Hazards
  • Noise Hazards
  • Vibration Hazards
  • Radiation Hazards
  • Stress Hazards
  • Hazards at Home

Business Management Club for Business Organizations

Club Formation Information

The club is formed with like-minded members of minimum of 10 members and maximum of 30 members.

The club will be formed by volunteers ready to take up following role for a period of 6 months (Jan to June; July to Dec).

  • President: Responsible to organize and conduct the club meeting
  • Vice-President: Responsible to support the Club President
  • Secretary: To send Email for Meeting and Take notes of meeting and prepare quarterly Magazine
  • Logistic Officer: To arrange venue, snacks if funds available and all logistics and manage funds in donation box for club activities

The meeting will be conducted by a team consisting of role takers such as Master of Ceremony/timer/feedback officer.

sample copy of Business Management Club meeting

Course Fees and Payment

NOTE: Please refer to the course fees and structure by clicking the link below and pay for the desired course accordingly.

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